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Student ministries

Senior RCYF

SR RCYF (Senior Reformed Church Youth Fellowship) is a vibrant community designed for youth to come together, connect, and grow in their faith. We provide a welcoming and judgment-free space where high school students can engage in fellowship, lessons, reflections, and, of course, have fun!

Our gatherings take place every Sunday from 6 pm to 7 pm, offering a consistent and enriching time for 9th to 12th grade students to connect and explore their faith journey together. From September to May, our dedicated team creates an engaging program that combines valuable lessons, meaningful discussions, and enjoyable activities.

We believe in the importance of intergenerational relationships, and therefore, we invite adult members of our congregation to become leaders for SR RCYF.  leaders play a vital role in guiding and supporting our youth, providing valuable wisdom and mentorship along the way. Together, we provide a nurturing community where young people feel valued and supported in their spiritual growth.

At SR RCYF, we prioritize a judgment-free zone. We embrace unique journeys and experiences of every person and walk alongside one another as the Lord leads. Our goal is to foster an environment where young people feel safe to be themselves, ask questions, and explore their faith without fear of judgment or criticism.

Join us as we come together for SR RCYF, a place where Christian youth can connect, find fellowship, and grow in their faith. We invite you to experience the joy of building meaningful relationships, exploring God's Word, and discovering your unique purpose. For more information, please contact us. We can't wait to welcome you to SR RCYF at Newkirk Reformed Church.

Junior RCYF

JR RCYF (Junior Reformed Church Youth Fellowship) is a vibrant community where middle school students come together to grow in their faith, build friendships, and have fun! Join us every other Sunday from 6 pm to 7 pm, September through May, for an engaging and enriching experience.

JR RCYF offers an exciting mix of lessons, food, fellowship, and games. Each gathering is carefully crafted to provide a balance of learning, sharing, and laughter. From exploring biblical teachings to engaging in thought-provoking discussions, we create an environment where young minds can flourish.

We aim to provide a fun and safe learning atmosphere, where students can freely express themselves and grow in their faith journey. JR RCYF is a place where everyone is valued and respected, fostering a small group atmosphere that encourages friendship, support, and authentic connections.

To ensure a nurturing experience for our youth, we welcome adult members of our congregation to become  leaders. Our leaders play a crucial role in guiding and supporting the young members of JR RCYF, fostering a mentorship dynamic that helps youth navigate their faith and personal growth.

Join us at JR RCYF and experience a community where faith, friendship, and fun come together. Discover the joy of learning, sharing, and growing in a safe and supportive environment. For more information or to get involved, please reach out to us or visit our website. We can't wait to welcome you to JR RCYF at Newkirk Reformed Church.


John and April Benson
Heather Korver
Ed. Director
Daisy Godsey
Beth Korver
Alan and Kristina Van Ommeren
Michele Van’t Hof

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